Antioch, TN

Antioch is a suburb of Nashville, Tennessee, located in the southern part of Davidson County. It is not autonomous, and is governed by the Nashville-Davidson metropolitan government. Appx. population: 60,320 [2005 census]



As recently as the 1960s Antioch was a small community catering to the needs of area farmers with amenities such as a feed mill. The small business district was located on the banks of Mill Creek, a minor tributary of the Cumberland River that rises near Nolensville, Tennessee, several miles to the southeast. This area has become less important over time as zoning restrictions forbidding further development on a flood plain have limited the construction of more businesses in this area, which had started to become quite congested.

In the 1970s Antioch experienced explosive growth, largely due to the expansion of the Nashville sewer system to the area and the availability of large amounts of former farmland, which made possible the construction of many low-rise apartment complexes, and several mobile home communities. More than perhaps any other Nashville suburb, Antioch maintained a "blue-collar" image and became a magnet for those seeking affordable housing. Many relatively low-priced, site-built detached "starter" homes were built as well.


Present Day

The presence of large quantities of affordable housing led to an influx of young families with children, greatly overtaxing the area's schools, which have been overcrowded for decades and remain so, despite an extensive construction program and the development of some private schools, largely church-affiliated. Large numbers of recent immigrants have also come to Antioch in the last two decades, attracted initially by the affordable housing and also by the presence of immigrant communities. Immigrants are predominantly from Southeast Asia and Latin America, but many are from other places.

The most important business concentration in Antioch is Hickory Hollow Mall, which opened in 1978 and has been renovated and expanded on several occasions since. It is a typical suburban shopping mall with large "anchor" stores such as Sears, Macy*s, and Dilliards and of course many more smaller interior shops. A Walmart Supercenter, and many new shopping strip malls have also opened in the area attracting large-scale home builders such as Beazer and Centex Homes to open large, new subdivisons.

Starwood Amphitheatre, Nashville's primary outdoor music venue, is located a few miles south of Antioch on the Rutherford County line.


  Antioch, TN 37013 National Average
Population of Antioch 51886 11535
Median Age 31.9 years 37.47 years
Median Household Income $49458 $42350.95
Percentage of Single Households 46.2% 41.53%
Percentage of Married Households 53.8% 58.46%
Percentage Families (households with children) 22.8% 24.32%
Average Household Size 2.33 people 2.57 people
Percentage College or Better 31.8% 20.14%
Percentage White Collar 66.5% 47.14%

Cost of Living

  Antioch, TN 37013 National Average
Cost of Living Index 83.2 99.52
Average Yearly Utility Cost 3437 3196.27
Average Household Total Consumer Expenditures $47647 per year $41075.28 per year
Average Household Education Expenditures $470 per year $450.93 per year
Average Household Entertainment Expenditures $2571 per year $2207.08 per year
Average Household Transportation Expenditures $1831 per year $1563.85 per year
Average Household Retail Expenditures $21631 per year $18600.46 per year
Average Household Non-RetailExpenditures $26016 per year $22474.81 per year

Quality of Life

  Antioch, TN 37013 National Average
Average Winter High Temperature 43.3 degrees 41.29 degrees
Average Winter Low Temperature 28 degrees 22.88 degrees
Average Summer High Temperature 89.6 degrees 86.56 degrees
Average Summer Low Temperature 66.1 degrees 62.35 degrees
Average Annual Precipitation 48 inches 38.69 inches
Air Quality Index 17 44.59
Total Crime Index 6.3 3.60
Personal Crime Index 7 3.43
Culture Index 112 93.65