Bellevue is a suburb of Nashville. It is the home of a marginal regional shopping mall, the Bellevue Center. It is one of the more densely populated areas of Davidson County, Tennessee due to the high concentration of condominiums and town houses. It is incorporated as part of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County.

It is hard to set a population figure for a place such as Bellevue due to the absence of any set, definable boundaries, but it is realistic to think of it as probably being Nashville's second largest suburb after Antioch, with nearly all of the growth coming since the later 1960s and early 1970s. This is partially due to the widening of U.S. Highway 70S to four lanes shortly before this, and the advent of regular bus service to downtown Nashville. Bellevue can probably be considered as being coextensive or roughly so with the United States Postal Service ZIP Code 37221.

Four decades ago, Bellevue was a small community which existed primarily to service the needs of nearby farms. It was located mostly along the railroad tracks near the Harpeth River, and had only a few buildings such as a hardware store, a post office, and a Masonic lodge hall. The suburbanization was made official when the United States Postal Service changed the designation of the office there from "Bellview, Tennessee" to a branch of the Nashville office in the late 1970s.

Harpeth Valley Elementary School, located on the outskirts of Bellevue along State Route 100, was the inspiration for the title of the hit country song "Harper Valley PTA".

Bellevue is the primary focus of the weekly newspaper Westview, which is published there.


  Bellevue, TN 37221 National Average
Population of Bellevue 35091 11535
Median Age 36.6 years 37.47 years
Median Household Income $61538 $42350.95
Percentage of Single Households 39.5% 41.53%
Percentage of Married Households 60.5% 58.46%
Percentage Families (households with children) 24.4% 24.32%
Average Household Size 2.22 people 2.57 people
Percentage College or Better 54.8% 20.14%
Percentage White Collar 76.7% 47.14%

Cost of Living

  Bellevue, TN 37221 National Average
Cost of Living Index 89.3 99.52
Average Yearly Utility Cost 3948 3196.27
Average Household Total Consumer Expenditures $55607 per year $41075.28 per year
Average Household Education Expenditures $574 per year $450.93 per year
Average Household Entertainment Expenditures $3062 per year $2207.08 per year
Average Household Transportation Expenditures $2113 per year $1563.85 per year
Average Household Retail Expenditures $25433 per year $18600.46 per year
Average Household Non-RetailExpenditures $30174 per year $22474.81 per year

Quality of Life

  Bellevue, TN 37221 National Average
Average Winter High Temperature 44.8 degrees 41.29 degrees
Average Winter Low Temperature 25.6 degrees 22.88 degrees
Average Summer High Temperature 89 degrees 86.56 degrees
Average Summer Low Temperature 65.5 degrees 62.35 degrees
Average Annual Precipitation 51.8 inches 38.69 inches
Air Quality Index 17 44.59
Total Crime Index 6.7 3.60
Personal Crime Index 8 3.43
Culture Index 113 93.65