Goodlettsville, TN

   Goodlettsville has a population of 13,845. Goodlettsville is a small community located in the heart of Tennessee. It is one of five cities in Metro Nashville, nestled within her northern border, just 15 minutes by interstate from Music City’s downtown. Goodlettville is filled with parks, and really knows how to put on an exceptional show. This sleepy little suburban town on the Davidson/Sumner county line is home to the sprawling and beautiful Moss-Wright Park, with its extensive ball fields, bike and walking trails and a real historic site — the 200-year-old Bowen-Campbell House — right on the grounds. Whether you want to relive Tennessee’s 1779 frontier, sip a good, dry wine, enjoy some music or outdoor recreation, or shop till you drop, Goodlettsville has something for you.

Explored and settled just a few short years after our nation declared its independence, the city of Goodlettsville has a rich historical heritage. The town, situated in Davidson and Sumner counties, originated as Mansker’s Station, a fort established in 1780 by Kasper Mansker, a Virginia long hunter who first explored the area in 1772. The establishment of Mansker Fort coincided with the founding of Fort Nashborough, later known as Nashville, by John Robertson. Mansker and Robertson scouted the sites in 1779.

The date that Mansker’s Station began to be called Goodlettsville is not known, but a commercial directory refers to the name as early as 1853. The town was named for the Reverend Adam G. Goodlett, a Cumberland Presbyterian minister who moved to Mansker’s Station in the 1840s.

In 1857, citizens petitioned the Tennessee General Assembly to incorporate the village as a town, and its boundaries were outlined. In 1958 Goodlettsville was incorporated a second time following growth that demanded a tax-supported base to supply services to its residents.

Goodlettsville residents have managed to retain our small-town feel while enjoying our big-city convenience. Major corporations have made us their home, as have people just looking for a great place to raise their children. Those who live in Goodlettsville like to take advantage of the huge commercial district near River Gate mall, which is right on the city's border. Everyone in the area enjoy an extensive choice of major retail and restaurant chains around the mall. But the heart of the city is very different. Goodlettsville has been a town in its own right since the mid-19th century, and the city's little downtown includes River Gate Mall’s 150+ stores and 15 eateries, Main Street’s antique malls and specialty shops, and countless other exciting retail outlets.

Today Goodlettsville’s rich heritage can be enjoyed in such places as the city’s Frontier Life Center, or on Main Street where buildings from the city’s past house antique stores and specialty shops. At the Frontier Life Center, guests enjoy 18th Century Tennessee, guided by re-enactors through reconstructed Mansker’s Station, considered to be one of the most historically-accurate in the nation, and the Bowen Plantation House, the region’s earliest brick structure, outfitted in its simple, 1790’s finery.

Mansker’s Station’s Frontier Life Center has been called “one of the most outstanding living history attractions in the United States.” With guides in period dress, you’ll experience an authentic forted station, the region’s earliest brick home, and living history demonstrations that include a fully-operational blacksmith shop.

Long Hollow Winery, owned and operated by Opry star Stu Phillips and his wife Aldona, offers complementary tasting daily, with dry, semi-dry and sweet red and white wines. Special concerts and parties are available for groups by request.


  Goodlettsville, TN 37072 National Average
Population of Goodlettsville 26325 11535
Median Age 37.1 years 37.47 years
Median Household Income $49227 $42350.95
Percentage of Single Households 39.3% 41.53%
Percentage of Married Households 60.7% 58.46%
Percentage Families (households with children) 22.7% 24.32%
Average Household Size 2.53 people 2.57 people
Percentage College or Better 19.1% 20.14%
Percentage White Collar 60.1% 47.14%

Cost of Living

  Goodlettsville, TN 37072 National Average
Cost of Living Index 83 99.52
Average Yearly Utility Cost 3245 3196.27
Average Household Total Consumer Expenditures $44983 per year $41075.28 per year
Average Household Education Expenditures $444 per year $450.93 per year
Average Household Entertainment Expenditures $2420 per year $2207.08 per year
Average Household Transportation Expenditures $1709 per year $1563.85 per year
Average Household Retail Expenditures $20223 per year $18600.46 per year
Average Household Non-RetailExpenditures $24760 per year $22474.81 per year

Quality of Life

  Goodlettsville, TN 37072 National Average
Average Winter High Temperature 42.4 degrees 41.29 degrees
Average Winter Low Temperature 25.9 degrees 22.88 degrees
Average Summer High Temperature 89.2 degrees 86.56 degrees
Average Summer Low Temperature 61.7 degrees 62.35 degrees
Average Annual Precipitation 50.8 inches 38.69 inches
Air Quality Index 17 44.59
Total Crime Index 6.7 3.60
Personal Crime Index 6 3.43
Culture Index 116 93.65