Nolensville, TN

   Nolensville has a population of 3,211. It was named for William Nolen, who first settled on land in what is now Nolensville. When William, his wife Sarah, and their five children were traveling out west and their wagon broke down in middle Tennessee in 1797 they were delayed in their travels until the wagon could be fixed. William explored the land and saw the potential it had. There was plenty of animals for food, and the cleanest creek water you could find. This convinced him that Tennessee had a lot to offer, and rather than travel any further west he settled into life in Nolensville.

William and his family built a log cabin and eventually it was turned into a farm, on the land. The first actual town lots were sold in 1819 to a man named George Barnes. The Plan for Incorporating Nolensville, as a town of its own was passed through the Tennessee Senate in 1838. The corporate limits were drawn based on the amount of property owned in Nolensville at the time.

On March 19, 1845 the Charter for Incorporation was drawn up for Nolensville Academy to confer degrees or certificates of proficiency. The charter read as follows: "The support of any library or scientific undertaking as a college or University to pay for degrees in Academy, a debating society licensed, the establishment of a library, the support of a historical society, the promotion of painting, music, or the fine arts, plus the support of Boards of Trade or Chambers of Commerce or other objects of like nature."

Thirty years later, to the day of the opening of Nolensville Academy, a school for both males and females was opened as well in Nolensville. March 19, 1875 a charter was passed by the General Assembly for Nolensville Male and Female Academy.

Nolensville Road has many names, among them are Fishing Ford Road, Perkins Pike, Nolensville Turnpike, Horton Highway, and US 31A-41A. Toll gates were operated about every 3 miles until the county and state took over the road. A stagecoach ran from Chapel Hill to Nashville, changing horses in Nolensville, until it was discontinued in 1910. Bargo Britain operated a 'jitney' service and carried mail from Nashville to Nolensville. The paved road through Nolensville began construction in 1927 with the bridges between Nolensville and Triune being built in 1932.

Today, Nolensville is a thriving community, in one of Tennessee's wealthiest counties, Williamson county. There is plenty to do and the whole family can enjoy the Nolensville Recreation Center. The Rec Center is home of Nolensville Baseball and Football. Other team sports Nolensville offers are Basketball leagues, Cheerleading programs, and Soccer. The Rec Center also has a playground for children to play on.

Nolensville cares about education. All your children can get a quality education at the Nolensville elementary, middle and high school. The rate of High School Graduates in Nolensville is 89% which is some of the largest percentages in the region. Nearly 28% of citizens of Nolensville have gone on to graduate from a secondary education facility as well. The figures speak for themselves when it comes to education in Nolensville. The city is striving to have some of the best educational standards in the state.


  Nolensville, TN 37135 National Average
Population of Nolensville 5201 11535
Median Age 33.3 years 37.47 years
Median Household Income $69880 $42350.95
Percentage of Single Households 24.5% 41.53%
Percentage of Married Households 75.5% 58.46%
Percentage Families (households with children) 44.2% 24.32%
Average Household Size 3.07 people 2.57 people
Percentage College or Better 36.3% 20.14%
Percentage White Collar 59.6% 47.14%

Cost of Living

  Nolensville, TN 37135 National Average
Cost of Living Index 99 99.52
Average Yearly Utility Cost 3993 3196.27
Average Household Total Consumer Expenditures $55918 per year $41075.28 per year
Average Household Education Expenditures $587 per year $450.93 per year
Average Household Entertainment Expenditures $3083 per year $2207.08 per year
Average Household Transportation Expenditures $2184 per year $1563.85 per year
Average Household Retail Expenditures $25356 per year $18600.46 per year
Average Household Non-RetailExpenditures $30562 per year $22474.81 per year

Quality of Life

  Nolensville, TN 37135 National Average
Average Winter High Temperature 45.2 degrees 41.29 degrees
Average Winter Low Temperature 26.9 degrees 22.88 degrees
Average Summer High Temperature 89.2 degrees 86.56 degrees
Average Summer Low Temperature 63.2 degrees 62.35 degrees
Average Annual Precipitation 52.3 inches 38.69 inches
Air Quality Index 52 44.59
Total Crime Index 2.7 3.60
Personal Crime Index 2 3.43
Culture Index 116 93.65